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Deanna Schaekel

Deanna was a senior communications major in college with years of dance training under her belt when she decided to audition as character preformer at Walt Disney World and entered the world of entertainment. In addition to acting, she also modeled and continues to work as a fitness model. She starred in the feature film Canaveral Chronicles, hosted several seasons of professional JetSki racing on Fox Sports, and was featured in a pre-game Superbowl commercial for Universal Studios among her many achievements. She won the award for best acting at the 24 Hour Hall of Fame Festival for her role in “The Cleansing.” She continues to act in film and commercials in addition to teaching acting and improv classes part time.

Deanna Schaekel

Britton Hollingsworth

Britton has a BFA in Musical Theatre from Florida State University and has been involved in acting and singing for most of his life. He’s been a principal in several national commercials including ISUZU and Pappa Johns and has appeared in 45 major musical productions. His specializations include multiple accents among them Russian, German, Irish, Scottish, British, and Bostonian. He sight reads music and was trained in trapaze at the Trapeze School New York. Britton continues his voice training and is a gifted singer.

Veronika Stoykova

Jana Veronika was born in a small town in Bulgaria, but always dreamed of living in the big city. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Bulgaria and, while half way through her Master’s program, she realized her passion wasn’t in the Engineering field. It was then that she decided to follow her dreams which led to her moving to the States. She started taking acting classes in 2016, and has been acting ever since. Her other passions are traveling and cooking. She spends her free time with her dog and volunteering for charitable programs.

Matthew Buckalew

Matthew has a BFA in Acting from the University of Central Florida. He brings a strong physical presence to the set due to his 18 years of baseball including 4 years of collegiate pitching, years of basketball (can dunk) and other sports. He is trained in unarmed combat, tumbling, and juggling. He’s had principal roles in national commercials including a commercial for the NCAA Golf Tournament. He received the Irene Ryan Acting Award nomination for his role in Our Country’s Good at Theatre UCF. He continues to play characters for Marvel Entertainment at Universal Studios.

Sean Heslep

Born and raised in Tampa, FL, Sean Heslep graduated college at the University of South Florida. It was here he was able to study under Professors such as Fanni Green, Dora Arreola, Daniel Granke and Dr. Sybil Johnson. Classically trained, Sean has played roles from Shakespeare to Ellen Byron. With these influences he was able to sharpen his acting skills by stretching his range in both classical and contemporary theatre. In Sean’s acting career he’s had the pleasure of working with remarkable individuals who have presented many opportunities for him. He has performed in a number of independent short and feature films throughout the Southeast Region. In his roles on film he had the opportunity to play everything from slapstick comedy to heart felt dramas. His passion to dive-in and create memorable characters motivates him on and off the screen.

Michael Berthold

Michael is 17 years old from the Orlando area. He started his career by winning Orlando’s Most Photogenic Baby contest. A local agent signed him and his career took off. He has been in over 20 commercials, 5 of which have been national. Once he turned 9 he was auditioning for film and TV. He has been in quite a few films the latest of which was opposite Shia LaBeouf in the Peanut Butter Falcon.

Leslie Craven

As the daughter of a stunt double, Leslie grew up in a creative family. She attended a performing arts high school in Sarasota, Florida where she studied all aspects of performing arts. While in school she achieved a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. She finds her creative outlets in dance and modeling. Leslie exudes a calm confidence in her work and has a personality that is full of sunshine. She has worked multiple seasons as a scare actor for Halloween Horror Nights and was a principal actor in the film Have a Nice Day. Her recent projects include music videos and commerical print photography modeling.